The Interior Designer from Indonesia

The Interior Designer from Indonesia

Interior Designer and Architecture Enthusiast

We’re proud to announce our series of interviews with inspiring ArchiSketchers from around the world. For our fifth edition, we’ve invited Thufeil Gumilar Maulana Hadi from @thufeil who has been leaving us breathless with his beautiful and breathtaking interior designs and architectural sketches. He travels a lot and gets inspiration from his travels in Asia — he likes places that are rich in culture.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Okay about myself.. Im 22 years old and just graduated from interior design degree, and always passionate in architecture too. I was begin interior design school with zero experience of drawing, when I was kid I never thought that I can do drawing so its really like my hidden gem haha

At what age did you start drawing?

I started drawing since 4 years ago (18 yo) when I starting Interior school, and got my own character since 3 years ago. A year full of having influences from many great artist such as Stephen Wiltshere!!

How often do you draw?

At a point how often I am do drawing… back in my days, one little drawing each day and one big drawing each month. ps: so many drawing I didnt post on ig, because beautiful things sometime doesnt need attention 😀

What tools do you often use when starting a drawing/project?

hmm.. basic tools like pencil, drawing pen (micron), Lamy pen, tracing paper, watercolor paper and winsor & newton watercolor.

Where did you study Interior Design? Tell us about the school experience. 

I studied at National Institute of Technology Bandung. Hmm Im not a type of good grade student and im not a potential student at first year, apparently I gained more experience in outside..

Which do you find more interesting? Designing the structure or designing what’s inside?
About my interest, designing whats inside just like my passion as an Interior Designer.

Being an interior designer and an architecture enthusiast, what do you think is the importance of aesthetic?
I think the first most important of aesthetic are from whats inside like maximum effects or minimum means, acceptable by people, optimal matched and unity in variety.

Which do you think matters to the market more, the exterior design or the interior design?
As long as a very young designer.. the interior design is market more, like a basic of people who always finding some great spot to take a great photos for their own, so here one of many reason how designer thinking about very acceptable design yet full of means. and the users experience is now central to the process of making decisions about volume, colors, materials, lighting and furnitures. and the capability of designer to convey messages and stories about spaces.

What is your style in designing?
Hmm my style in designing… actually you guys could feel what i convey about my romantic relationship with Art Deco style. aand one of many reason I was live in the city contains great tropical artdeco architectures its just very beautiful! symmetrical, humble, full of local culture means, and bold.

What inspires an interior designer like you?

Ive been traveling to many cities with different Art deco styles in my country and went to many cities in Asia its just like inspired me in many ways! plus my influence in person is the architects of art deco movement and for the locals like C.P Wolff schoemaker.

What has drawn you to Architecture?

Okay this is whats many people concern about, people assuming Im an architecture degree.. – I drawn architectural because its more fun, especially old buildings with tough details and its beautiful design. And another things I loved when Im traveling is architect-tour..

What piece of advice can you give to our aspiring sketchers?

Hmm I thinking about hardwork beat talents… (its in my case) – and dont rub out those mistakes, often when I thought I had done a lousy drawing, I looked again, a while later and you could appreciate it much more… note that. And learn from anyone!



Thufeil is an Interior Designer from Bandung, Indonesia. To see more of his works visit his Instagram page!


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February 6, 2017


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